House of Recovery Hopes to Join Providence Village (Podcast)

Dr. Adam Newman speaks of the journey so far and what is to come

A baby is born. A feeling of dread comes over Dr. Adam Newman. He knows that just outside the door, there are child and family service workers waiting to take the baby away from its mother.

And yet, mom has an addiction. The baby requires medical care to be weaned off addictive substances. The long-term welfare of the child is in question. There seems to be no option other than to separate mom and baby.

Dr. Newman wonders why we can’t do better. He knows both mom and baby will fare better if they stay together. Dr. Newman’s colleagues, doctors, nurses, child and family workers know it too.

For nine years a small group of professionals and moms have been working to bring a House of Recovery to Kingston.

At the House of Recovery moms who have addictions can live with their children and receive the support they need to recover from addiction and strengthen the health of their family.

A fateful meeting on a bus and several conversations later, the Sisters of Providence invited Adam and his colleagues to explore building the House of Recovery in Providence Village.

During this Providence Village Community Conversation Podcast, Dr. Newman speaks of what has called him to work so long and so hard in this direction. He shares inspiring stories of research and work done in British Columbia and Quebec. Having established a powerful partnership with Portage Mere Enfant in Montreal, the Kingston House of Recovery continues to step closer to reality.

In this podcast you will hear from a man with a heart for moms and babies, discover the deep work already done, learn where things stand now, and what some of us could do to be of help.

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