Providence Village Will Break New Ground In Spring of 2020 (Podcast)

Work will begin on Hospice Kingston in the new year

Since Providence Village was incorporated in 2017 there has been much work done to prepare the way for new partnerships and new builds. Yet, there has been little in the way of visible signs. That is about to change.

In this Providence Village Community Conversations Podcast, executive director, Ruth Gruer shares the story of the work that has been done so far, how partnerships are developing with Hospice Kingston, Providence Manor, and Kingston House of Recovery.

Ruth shares when ground will be broken, beginning with Hospice Kingston’s new build, the timelines for Providence Manor, and new parking facilities to accommodate new staff, guests, and residents.

In this podcast Ruth also shares the inspiration she draws from working with the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul, the intention to honour and build upon their long legacy of community service, and what you can do to help Providence Village become the beacon of compassion and hope it promises to be.

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