Missioning ceremony held for President & CEO Laurie French

A special missioning ceremony of Laurie French, Providence Village Inc. (PVI) President & Chief Executive Officer and Motherhouse Administrator was held May 9 in the Chapel of Mary, Mother of Compassion at the Providence Motherhouse.

“The ceremony is a time to reflect on what we are called to be, and to recognize the heritage of the founding congregrations, helping ensure the key indicators of Catholic identity and social teachings are in our minds as we make value-based decisions in the shaping of Providence Village”, explained Brian Hogan, PVI Board Chair.

The Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul have a lasting legacy of health care, justice, peace and integrity of creation and of serving the most vulnerable in Kingston. PVI will further this legacy as a sponsored organization of the Catholic Health Sponsors of Ontario. Though the missioning rite, Laurie pledged to committing herself to preserving the heritage of the Sisters’ compassionate service and care for the vulnerable and those most in need. Providing bold vision and courageous acts for the future, she will work collaboratively with the Board, staff and community partners to achieve those goals.

“The Missioning ceremony was very meaningful to me,” Laurie says. “It was a powerful reminder of why we are here and the importance of the work we are doing. We have much to do to ensure that PVI achieves the Sisters’ mission.” With representatives from her family, the Sisters, the entire PVI Board, and staff in attendance, Laurie feels supported and prepared to take on the responsibilities related to providing compassionate service for some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

“The Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul have a long history of sharing their home and properties in Kingston with those who need it most, expanding and repurposing as necessary, and always welcoming the vulnerable with dignity,” noted Archivist Veronica Stienburg, chronicling the story of the Sisters of Providence from the time of arrival of four Montreal Sisters of Providence on December 13, 1861. This legacy will continue on, providing French and the PVI Board with the moral courage, wisdom and perseverance to respond creatively and collectively to the challenges they face today and in the future as they work to provide care and compassion for some of our most vulnerable citizens.

In keeping within the values of compassion, respect and integrity, Providence Village will be a neighbourhood of people helping people, inspiring hope, fulfillment and care of the Earth while being mindful to:

  • Uphold a spirit of humility, simplicity and charity
  • Demonstrate responsible stewardship of resources, create opportunities to connect, innovate and collaborate
  • Be open, welcoming and supportive
  • Foster holistic life and wellness

Providence Motherhouse is home to the Sisters of Providence, the Congregation of Notre Dame and the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph.

Providence Village is situated on the traditional lands of the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee and Huron-Wendat peoples. Catholic health care is committed to be a healing presence on the journey of Truth and Reconciliation. Among other things, this means understanding our own privilege and how we can use this to address the harms of the past and create a more equitable future.

PVI Board Chair Brian Hogan delivers the Missioning rite to Laurie French.

Sr. Frances O’Brien delivered an opening prayer, asking God to guide and help Laurie in her position, giving her the spirit of wisdom and understanding, of right judgement and courage and of knowledge and reverence.

Sr. Sandra Shannon delivered the Missioning message, extending the responsibility of carrying out the legacy of health care, justice, peace and integrity of creation and of serving the most vulnerable in Kingston to Laurie French.