PVI Construction Update April 2024: Civil Work on Phillips Street

Civil work on Phillips Street is scheduled for April and May, with an anticipated completion date by early June. This phase of work will include a pre-construction assessment to be conducted by engineers, involving photography and documentation of homes and properties on Phillips Street. Following this, excavation will begin at the west end of Phillips Street, progressing back towards Providence Village and Providence Care’s hospice residence. Services will be installed underground along Phillips Street to the new hospice site, with one lane of the street being excavated at a time over a period of several weeks.

Additionally, excavation and trenching will occur on the north side of Phillips Street. It is expected that some driveways and/or yards will be excavated from the concrete curbs to just past the hydro poles. Homeowners will have full access to their driveways every evening. Contractors are working diligently to minimize the extent of digging and will communicate daily with homeowners to minimize disruption.  

Once the civil work is complete on the north side of Phillips Street, all properties will be restored to their original condition. This includes reinstating concrete curbs, backfilling trenches, completing grading and topsoil on yards, and installing sod. Asphalt driveways will also be reinstated, with gravel used as a temporary measure until the asphalt work is completed.